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Hub Services:

Social groups

-We arrange youth clubs at The Hub and other venues in Bromsgrove.

-These are for young people aged 11-19.

-Activities such as music, art, gaming, cooking etc.

-School holiday provision and activities in Bromsgrove.

-Call us for more information as these groups are always popping up.


-We have youth workers who go out and do ‘detached’ youth work, walking around Bromsgrove and chatting to young people.

-If you see us out please say hi.

-We go to town, Charford, Sidemoor, Catshill, Aston Fields and other areas.

-Outreach, sometimes we do outdoor projects for example litter picking, football at the park.

-We attend local community events, if you see ‘The Hub’ at an event please come and say hi.

-Get in touch if you’d like to know more about detached, outreach or community events.


-Mentoring for young people one-to-one with a youth worker or in a small group.

-Groups about topics that matter to young people, inside school or at The Hub/another youth club in your area.

-Support with things like sexual health, mental health, substance use, identity, bullying, identity, discrimination.

-LGBTQ+ support group.

-Free contraception.

-Free drinks and snacks, cooking sessions and food to take home if you need some.

-Free period products and other personal care products.  

What is youth work?


-Someone to talk to.

-A safe space.



-Optional, you can always opt out.

-For young people, everything we do is planned by young people/asked for by young people.

-We have a Youth Council who meet often to discuss a lot of issues, plans and events in Bromsgrove.

If you are a young
person who would like to join any of our groups, please send us a message via our Instagram: the_hub_bromsgrove or call the number below
Parents and partners can also message for more details

Contact us on: 07717 438427

Bromsgrove Youth & Community Hub @ Bromsgrove Baptist Church ­

The Hub currently provides young people of Bromsgrove a base were they can speak to professionals on a range of topics including relationship advice, mental health support, self-esteem and sexual health. It will also provide parenting sessions.

Young people can access mentoring and counselling and have a space where they can go with their friends or if they need support.

The Hub is benefiting the wider Bromsgrove community by , tackling concerns of anti-social behaviour and a place where they can meet professionals and gain support themselves.

Bromsgrove Youth and Community Hub Coordinator: 

Sarah Mulhall, has extensive experience of working with young people and communities, said:

“We are all so excited to be a part of this new project, this is a great opportunity for the young people of Bromsgrove, so please come in to The Hub and find out more.” 

Rev Paul Lewis added:

“A place like this for the young people of Bromsgrove is long overdue and it’s great that it is finally happening after so much planning and hard work.”